A selection of reviews from various representatives of the canine community and one cat:

Matt Haig’s book, The Labrador Pact, has already generated a lot of hostility from the Labrador community. My worry is that this was exactly the kind of pre-publicity the author was hoping for. I therefore advise all Labradors to ignore the existence of this dangerous and terrible book, in the hope their masters will do the same. Wordsworth, Labrador, The Lake District

A fantastic insight into the stupidity of Labradors and the futility of their cause. However, Prince, the narrator, is a completely unrealistic character. I have, to this day, never met a Labrador who is able to see through the propaganda of the Labrador Pact. Sam, Springer Spaniel, Manchester

I read this whole book and by the end of it I was left with one overriding feeling: who cares? Labradors, as we all know, are ridiculous. For those of us sensible enough to have given up on our human masters years ago this book offers little new wisdom. Russell, Jack Russell, Islington, London

Fucking shit.
Arnie, Rottweiler, South Wales

Absolutely wonderful! A riot from beginning to end. It serves to confirm what cats have known since Egyptian times: both dogs and humans are quite daft. Lapsang, the cat, had the right idea – stick to the radiators and keep quiet. A hilarious summer read perfect for your holidays! Poppy, Burmese cat, Nottinghamshire

A novel acknowledging the pressures of the present moment for dogs of all creeds. There can be no denying that we are currently witnessing a historic turning point. We now realise that human actions are occasionally beyond our control, but we should not give in. Labradors must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other breeds in identifying the challenges that lay before us. I can only assume that whichever Labrador wrote this (using a human pseudonym, obviously) has gone into hiding. But one day we will all realise that the Pact should not be treated literally, but rather applied to the needs of our age. A remarkable feat of courage. Name withheld, Labrador, St Albans