Labradors, you must stay strong.

Matt Haig’s novel, The Labrador Pact, threatens to undermine our cause by revealing our secrets to humans. But there is no need for alarm.

We have had our mission attacked before, by the Springer Uprising for instance. We have remained true to our principles despite such threats and we must remain true now.

Matt Haig, whether dog or human, is an obvious charlatan, but no attempt should be made on his life. Remember what The Labrador Pact says: Never resort to violence, however tempted you might be to bite him where it hurts.

Also, remember that it is marketed as a work of fiction and humans will read it as such. It is unlikely they will make the connection. But even so, we must stay on guard.

Duty over all!

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WARNING TO THE DOGS OF JAPAN, GERMANY, NORWAY and THE CZECH REPUBLIC! Unfortunately The Labrador Pact has been sold to publishers in these countries, so it looks like the secrecy of the pact is in further jeopardy.