There has never been a more important time to remind ourselves of the main commandments of the Labrador Pact. It is therefore published in its entirety below.

Duty Over All

The happiness and security of human Families depends on sacrifice.

Our sacrifice.

We are the last dogs to understand the need for duty over all. We are the last to realise that human Families hold the key to our future survival. Never has the task of maintaining a harmonious Family environment been more difficult, yet never has it been more vital.

Labradors must devote every aspect of their lives to protecting their masters if we are to gain the Eternal Reward. If one Labrador fails in their task, the whole mission is placed in jeopardy.

Fewer Families now have dogs to protect them, and fewer still have Labradors. This means our influence over human society could soon begin to wane. In order to prevent this dreadful situation, every single Labrador, whether within a Family or not, must have their masters’ best interests at heart.

If we surrender to our instincts and neglect those who provide for us, we will never be reunited with our own Families in the after-life. We must therefore be permanently aware of the ultimate truth: that to give up on humans is to give up on ourselves.

Prepare for changes in human behaviour

Human life does not fit comfortably within a plan. Despite their best efforts, humans are continually jolted off course by the events around them. Even when the event has been anticipated, or experienced before, it can still have a profound effect on our masters’ behaviour.

It is our duty, as Labradors, to be prepared for change at any time. We must realise that it is our presence, and its suggestion that some things will always stay the same, which can help to return humans back to normality.

Whatever changes occur, we must remain consistent to our goal. Ultimately, we should remember that the security of the human Family is not placed at risk from the alterations in behaviour, but from our under-prepared reactions to them.

Learn from your elders

In the early stages of their mission, young Labradors need guidance and instruction and it is the responsibility of elder members of our breed to provide such help. The Pact needs to be interpreted and applied to each individual mission, and only those with considerable experience will be able to help younger Labradors in this task.

To disobey or to overrule our elders is to undermine the sacred order which has helped us protect our human masters throughout history.

Prediction equals protection

To know the future of the Family, you must know the present.

Observe everything around you at all times. Every action, every word, every smell is significant.

Consult your own understanding, your own sense of the probable, and act upon it. When humans notice our ability to predict, they will talk about psychic powers, or a sixth sense.

We are fortunate for their ignorance.

We must not be complacent, however. If we are to protect the Family, we need to ensure that our motives stay hidden and our actions remain subtle. This is fundamental not only to each individual mission but to the entire Labrador cause.

Let your senses guide you, and you will find that the future is under your nose.

Resist the Springers

Springer spaniels are a danger to our mission. They no longer view themselves as the guardians of the human Family, and have proved willing to sit by and watch its destruction. Furthermore, the mutinous propaganda which fuelled the Springer Uprising now holds an influence over other breeds.

In particular, these are the key aspects of Springer behaviour which must be resisted at all costs:
- Escaping leads;
- Ignoring danger-signs;
- Exploiting the kindness and generosity of our human masters;
- Failing to nurture the canine powers of secret diplomacy.

Labradors are encouraged to avoid all forms of contact with this increasingly hedonistic and debauched breed. Whenever a Springer approaches, turn the other way. Whenever you detect their scent, spray your own in its place.

Reckless Springerism will never be tolerated among Labradors.

We will never be weakened.

Our duty will prevail.

Observe everything

If a Family is in danger of falling apart, the signs will be everywhere.

Be continually alert to any changes of scent or behaviour, and if such changes occur smell for an explanation. This is equally important when your masters are outside the Family home.

Humans must therefore be monitored at every possible moment in order to ensure the success of our mission.

Watch, listen, but most of all smell for trouble at all times.

Preserve the secrecy of the mission

Humans must never know that we are in control. For their own protection, they must remain in ignorance of our mission. If we are exposed, or if the motives behind our actions are made too obvious, we lose our power. We must exert influence over our human masters, at the same time as making them believe the complexities of their world are beyond our full understanding.

Protect one Family, protect all

When every dog believed in preserving the security of human Families, our influence could be seen everywhere. Although times have changed, we can still see the wider impact of our mission. If one human Family is secure and happy, it means there is security and happiness beyond. Likewise, if a Family falls apart, others are made more vulnerable.

In protecting one, we are protecting all.

Never deter others from their mission

Labradors must remain supportive of each other at all times. When asked for advice regarding another’s mission, we must be as constructive as possible. If we believe another Labrador is losing the battle, we must never say so.

We are the last breed to recognise that our actions are behind those of our masters, and as such we should remain strong. To do this, we must stick together.

In a world which fails to understand or acknowledge our beliefs, it is important that Labradors can find courage and support from each other.

Seek strength through unity, and we shall always remain true to our cause.

You are always in control

Every aspect of Family life is within the Labrador’s control. Every argument, every worrying incident, every change in behaviour – all remain under one powerful influence.

No situation is so serious it cannot be resolved through our powers of secret diplomacy. For everything there is a solution. It is the duty of Labradors to make sure they find it.

Never resort to violence

The mission of each and every Labrador will be accomplished without resorting to violence.

Throughout history the Labrador breed has risen above the wolfish tendencies of many others within our species.

In the halcyon days when all dogs remained loyal to their human masters, violence was often considered a necessary last resort. However, Labradors have always realised the truth. If you have to descend to violence, the mission has already failed.

After all, to be a Labrador means to separate ourselves from the barbarism of our wolf ancestors.
We may bark, we may growl, but we must never deliberately shed human blood.

Never betray your master’s trust

While every effort must be taken in order to ensure our mission to protect human Families remains secret, we must never deliberately disobey our masters.

If we are instructed to sit and stay, we must sit and stay. If we are tied by our leads to a post, we must wait obediently until our master returns. If food falls onto the floor and we are forbidden from touching it, then we must obey.

After all, to lose the trust and respect of our masters is to weaken the chances of our success in protecting the Family.

Never sniff for pleasure

In our mission to protect our masters, the nose is our most valued weapon. However, it also holds the potential to lead us astray. The rest of the dog kingdom has already succumbed to pleasure-sniffing, but we must never give in to temptation.

Every Labrador must learn to appreciate the true value of our most powerful sense and remember: we sniff to find information, not to lose ourselves.

Have faith in the Eternal Reward

If we protect human Families on earth, we will be united with our own in the afterlife.

This is our Eternal Reward.

Provided every member of a Labrador Family tries their hardest to complete their mission according to the rules of the Pact, paradise will be granted. If we stray, or become side-tracked by earthly pleasures, we concede our right to see our parents, brothers and sisters ever again.

Labradors, you must stay strong, and always keep the faith.